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Small Fry SEO

Small Fry: SEO For The Little Guy


Personalized Communication

Stay in contact with us through email, live chat, or phone calls. We know the importance of good follow up. Give us a try and call today!


Research and Planning

Selecting the proper targets can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a costly campaign. Let us custom tailor a plan for you.


Reports And Results

Get your accurate reports delivered to your email box without having to ask! We are proud of what we do and want to show off our results.

Do you have a Small Business that needs to be found?

What Does It Take? Listen To What Search Engines Want

Google wants to build a better internet. Plain and simple. Do you even remember what it was like 10 years ago? Websites with popups after popups and dozens of embarrassing adult advertisements on just about everything? Google has helped put a stop to that through removing websites in bad neighborhoods or with bad intentions.

We, as business owners, should take the time to listen and respond appropriately. Faking addresses, writing fake reviews, slandering other businesses for the sake of competition, and spreading misinformation are all things that will ultimately get your website removed from their Good Google Graces. Allow us to give your website a fighting chance in this world smoke and mirrors with a transparent solution that will get you the results you want.


Google Maps 101

Google Maps placement requires similar directory submissions across the web with consistent information. Let us help you build an organized online presence.


WordPress Conversions and Optimization

All SEO is not created equally and WordPress is the way to get your website off to the right start. We can maintain your beautiful design or create a new website for you and keep the powerful SEO benefits that WordPress offers.


Video Marketing

Who owns YouTube? Google! We want to use their tools in order to succeed. Maybe people are not searching on YouTube for your industry, but you better believe Google is.


Article Marketing

The idea of writing a blog can either excite or terrify, but doing it properly will help you become the authority in your area. Search Engines crave unique, quality content and we can give it to them.


Become The Local Authority

Organic and Map dominance says a lot for your company’s ability to deliver what your new potential customers need. Including the above elements will allow you to have the reputation you deserve.

Who Can Use Small Fry?

While we welcome large, nationwide companies to call us for a quote on their national campaigns – our target is the Small Business Owner. We can categorize most SEO customers into these two categories:

Large Nationwide Companies
Sell products nationwide and internationally or offer virtual services that can be purchased by anyone anywhere.
Small Mom and Pop Shops
Have a local customer base and service customers in a local area. Potential clients must be geographically close.

Within the main category of “Mom and Pop Shops”, we have identified several subsets of SEO clients and we want to know – where do you fit in?

  • No website, no problem
  • Never used an SEO firm in the past and never tried any SEO on your own
  • Tried SEO and failed
  • Hired someone to help and they failed
  • Good SEO Presence, just want better

Not all websites are created equally. Which of these best describes your website?

  • No website – you need help with that too
  • Bad Website – looks like your cousin-in-law built it
  • Great website! Using WordPress And Rocking And Rolling!

We will be happy to help you no matter what category your website or SEO history has in store for us. Take a minute to visit our free SEO report card and find out for yourself. We’ll give you a customized plan that is completely unbiased and will give you the information you need to make the proper decisions moving forward.

Bad SEO and You

seo-orange-countyWas there a time where you used to dominate the Search Engines? Have you been removed from the top listings? Have you abused your Google lately? We know that sometimes the Dark Side of the Force is strong and can woo even the most ethical business person down the path of using false addresses for Google Maps listings, spamming keywords in your description, or even writing reviews for yourself on your own account. We’ve helped many people recover from Google Abuse who are now in the pleasant state of recovery!

Google has a fantastic memory and are able to spot even the most sophisticated trouble maker. So why do it? Short cuts often lead to disaster with The Big G and we are here to hold you accountable. If you need a 12-step program to stop cheating Google, look no further! We will be your GA Sponsor and get you to kick the habit of tanking your own efforts.

Recovering from Bad SEO is oftentimes a difficult task. Admitting that you’ve made a mistake is the hardest part, after that it is smooth sailing. Give Google what they have asked for. There is no secret formula, no cryptic algorithm to master in the dark recesses of your basement – they tell us what they want! By changing our ways and starting down the path of righteousness you and your website can be redeemed.

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